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Pressing a key on your keyboard fires the event in most browsers with a short delay. FastKey is the approach for exactly this inconvenience.

It is based upon jQuery and written to be small and nevertheless useful.

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You hate long FAQs? Well, me too! So I've written this fancy jQuery based plugin to make them short. By the way, this piece of shit is not really stable, so be careful!

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key.js is certainly the simpliest shortcut key event handler ever. As simple as I say it is to use!

The "plugin" was written to be small, useful and nothing more

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Minimal and enough. Adaptive and responsive. Revolution grid and beautiful typography. No imposed styles and freedom.

CSS-framework for professional developers combined with the power of SCSS & Compass to build anything. If you want to use this project as your starting point, you need to know basic knowledge of Compass and Sass.

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Trivial is a self explanatory front-end starter kit. It is not really a framework, it is just my personal front-end starting point for new projects.

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A small but powerful jQuery plugin to display all your code snippets, stored on jsFiddle.net.

The data is loaded via the, by jsFiddle provided, JSON document into a searchable list. Optionally, this list can splitted up into several pages.

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